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What some happy pickleballers say:  

Just want to say THANK YOU for running an extremely FUN tournament yesterday!  It was my first time playing in a tournament and although the end result was not what I wanted (I'm just a LITTLE competitive), I had an absolute blast!!!  Really appreciate all of the work you guys put into this! 

- Stacey C.

I have found Kelly to be an amazing instructor. She asks what you would like to work on, and addresses those requests. She has so much to offer at each level.  She teaches skills but also odds of shots and returns. She'll help you create signature moves.

- Gary B.

Kelly is a fantastic coach.  She is passionate, patient, positive and encouraging with her students from all levels.  She is so easy to understand and offers great ideas for teaching techniques.  Her styles, instructions, and flow of lessons are professional.  The way she is able to identify, explain and demonstrate is an incredible gift as a coach and instructor for pickleball.  I'm so thankful that she helped me so much to understand the rules, fundamentals and strategies of the game.  Kelly is a rockstar!!!

- Jenny J. 

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