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One on one

For the player who wants feedback on every shot!  Get individual instruction on fundamentals, footwork, shot execution, or any area you would like to improve.

Small group (2 - 4)

For the player who would like to work on court position, shot selection and strategy in real game situations, as well as fundamentals, this is the option for you.  Learn how to shift with a partner, what shot is the highest percentage for the situation you are in, and common patterns to help you be successful.


Large group (5 - 8)

For the economically minded player who likes to play with a group of players at a similar skill level, this is your best choice.  Learn how to communicate with other teammates, take advantage of different styles of play as well as drill and focus on the various shots in the game.



No partner needed!  The perfect format to find the player who complements your style the most.  Each game you will play with a different partner to play against all other opponents in your flight/skill division.


Round robin

Partners are required.  Your team competes against all other teams in your flight/skill division.



These 60 minute sessions focus on one skill or strategy to practice and master.  Fundamentals and mechanics are explained and demonstrated along with related drills to improve and integrate each skill into your game.



Paddles - we got em!  Gearbox line.

Eye wear - tinted, smoky or amber lenses - slim fit or standard.

Balls - indoor, outdoor, Onix, Penn, Franklin and Gearbox bags, grips, protective tape, gloves.

Even portable nets for the non dedicated courts still out there!

Questions? Contact us:

Phone: 414-530-5232


What some happy pickleballers say:  

During our first lesson, Kelly watched our play, so that she could evaluate and create a game plan of necessary drills, to improve our game. As we progressed, Kelly continued to support our desire of improvement, by adding new and innovative ways to teach us as individuals, as we have seen her do in group and private lessons.

- Lorie & Mark

I have found Kelly to be an amazing instructor. She asks what you would like to work on, and addresses those requests. She has so much to offer at each level.  She teaches skills but also odds of shots and returns. She'll help you create signature moves.

- Gary B.

Kelly is a fantastic coach.  She is passionate, patient, positive and encouraging with her students from all levels.  She is so easy to understand and offers great ideas for teaching techniques.  Her styles, instructions, and flow of lessons are professional.  The way she is able to identify, explain and demonstrate is an incredible gift as a coach and instructor for pickleball.  I'm so thankful that she helped me so much to understand the rules, fundamentals and strategies of the game.  Kelly is a rockstar!!!

- Jenny J. 

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